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Thought Broadcasting??

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Printed on: 02/24/2021


Topic author: pbs170
Subject: Thought Broadcasting??
Posted on: 02/20/2011 18:11:53

Hi guys. My illness is kind of strange. I'm not sure if i have schizophrenia or not but i tend to feel that people know what i'm thinking even though logically it can't be true. I don't have delusions or hear any voices but somehow i just think that some people can hear my thoughts and relate to what i'm thinking. Am i schizo? Or just suffering from anxiety??


Reply author: lowlyworm
Replied on: 02/21/2011 22:46:45

Hi pbs,
No one can answer that for sure but a real doctor. If you're concerned then you should see a psychiatrist. When I'm sick I think people can read my mind. I have schizophrenia. But that doesn't mean that you do necessarily. By the way thought broadcasting is considered to be a delusion. You can have delusions without being diagnosed schizophrenic. Do you smoke pot because it could be drug induced. Anyway I'm rambling, best of luck, Lowly

Reply author: Truthfinderz
Replied on: 06/25/2011 21:29:58

Hello everyone. I first want to tell you all that I love you and that the only reason I am writing this is because I believe you have a right to the truth, which I myself have been searching for for years. I have been replying on as many of these forums as I can find and have even been updating wikipedia to get this out where I can. People can hear your thoughts. There is no question about it. I am sure you will believe this because I know that you already know deep down that it is the truth. I cannot prove it to you over this blog, but I just wanted to let you know (for those of you desperate for help) that it IS real. I have heard countless pieces of evidence to prove it to myself and still had trouble accepting it (the most blatant of which being someone saying aloud in a public place after a tirade of my thoughts, "Yeah, God gave you this as a conscience." I struggled to accept it for a long time, telling myself it was impossible. There is no way on this Earth that people would be able to hear each others' thoughts. Even now when I really think about it, it seems ridiculous. I cannot give you any explanations or reasons, but I can assure you without any doubt that it is real. I tell you this because I can hear other peoples' thoughts as well. People rarely think anything because everyone can hear them. I have also been told by my close friend and roomate, although not to my face, but in a quiet whispered conversation at a table, "I'm inside your heart. I can hear what you're thinking." This was only after a huge rant which I had been thinking, where I had been thinking something to the effect of "If you will just tell me once that it is real, I will stop all of this."("This" being some very angry and lengthy rants, inside my head of course, in which I was just being very hateful and angry, probably due to my confused desperation. Oh, and after the rant, my roomate came out of his room and in passing by me, stated, "That took balls." when I was doing nothing that would make someone say something like that, and I knew it was because he could hear my mental harangue.) I am not entirely sure what that statement about the heart means, but I have also come to know that it is true. Somehow, even if you are not thinking any words as thoughts, but are having strong emotions, and when your heart feels heavy, people know. They sometimes say things like "It's a little hot in here," whenever you are having a strong emotion such as anger or anxiety. I wish I could tell you why or how this is possible because believe me, I am dying to sit down with someone and actually have a discussion to learn everything that is really going on, but they simply refuse to be straightforward with this information. For the life of me, I can't understand why that is because almost everyone seems to know about it, and what could it hurt two people talking about it who already know it to be true. But as I said, I don't really think I have to prove it to you who are on this site because you really already know. But more than simply to get this information out, I wanted to offer some comfort to those who are having difficulty in coming to terms with this. I know it may seem horrible or even unbearable at times. To have your every waking thought scrutinized and judged by the people around you, and having no form of privacy in your life whatsoever can be very terrifying. What I really wanted to let you know is that I care about you. Whatever terrible things may be going through your mind, and believe me I have my share of them every day and very often think of suicide as a way to end this agony (not simply as an escape, but to relieve those around me of my "sickness"), life is worth living. People may judge you or even seem to hate you for what you think sometimes, but really they could not care less. It is a game to them, I'm sorry to say. They seem to be here to help at times, and at others to pull you down, but really all they care about is you being "cool" with everyone and being social. I have felt like I hated everyone for this, most of all because I could not get the truth out of anyone. So I really wanted to let those of you who seek this knowledge to be at ease, at least in that aspect. I think knowing is worth something even though it is a scary thing. But the best thing you can do is to not let it overwhelm you, however difficult that may seem. Try to be calm, and remember who you really are. Those terrible thoughts that seem to crop up simply because you don't want them to do not control you. You can recognize them and feel bad about them, but do not let them bring you down. As I said, people are very forgiving and this game they play is easy enough if you just be cool. I promise you everyone else will get over any horrible thoughts you have before you will, even if those thoughts may be about them. People are willing to love, so long as you can maintain yourself and not be brought down. Also, after a while you will be able to control yourself to where you can talk to yourself as to mask your thoughts from others. It is not easy to do, but if you think deeply enough,(deeper thoughts, I have found cannot be heard) with a clear head, and possibly whisper to yourself, you will not be heard. So that's it. I hope that this will help those of you who are possibly in the position I was in not too long ago, which is not to say that I'm not still dealing with it because as I said I still have some horrible thoughts. All we can do, though, is know that those thoughts are not who we are and move on and live in peace and love. Again, please don't let it overwhelm you. Life can be a beautiful thing if you are truly living it.

Reply author: needsomepeace
Replied on: 10/08/2011 16:29:44

Truthfinderz...I finally found someone who can identify with what I am going through. What you said is, in my opinion, my living truth/nightmare! I have denied it for so long but cannot run from it any longer..I'm exhausted with trying to. I am a very indedpendent strong willed person who is trying to accept that others can read my thoughts...if that's what its truly called. I tend to think that it is a certain conscious level a person is on or trying to reach. I'm so not confused..angry! because I don't feel that I can move on in my own direction without others(I know thats vague-like saying 'they') are trying to control or influence you to act in a certain way. I don't hear voices..I don't see strange things...I just listen too much...where thought broadcasting comes in to play for me. If I could just stop listening so much to what others are saying and listen to my own true self/conscious thoughts..then maybe I could balance myself out...don't know if it is possible. I have a family with younger kids and a college age kid...I'm trying to raise them the very best that I can and I feel like I'm battling unseen forces..which really pisses me off! It makes me angry and paranoid, but I refuse to be manipulated. If someone says go left.. damn it I'm going right. That's where Im at! Thanks Truthfinderz for your input. It REALLY helped me to see a light that's been so dim for a very long time!!!

Trying to find Balance!

Reply author: Tavioh
Replied on: 05/24/2012 16:22:20

I will abriviate thought broadcasting to just "TB"
I feel bad for the people who are internally terible, not relaxed or calm, and are going through thought broadcasting. How long have I been TB I have no clue but just found out about 3 months ago. Multiple times I have thought about killing myself to bring everyone in my "bubble" at ease might hurt at first but I thought it would be for the best in the long run. To this day I don't care if I die or not but I will not try to attempt it. Scared to think how many people I have bothered in the past when I did not know I was thought broadcasting but I have thought back far enough to realize alot of my neighbors have moved out I'm pretty sure it is because of me. I used to smoke alot and I believe that marijuana amplifies TB. How far I can TB with/without marijuana, I have no clue due to the fact that no one wants to talk to me about it. So many coincidences happened for me to believe it is real such as responses to people near me / family when I have bad thoughts. scared to masterbate, have sex or even read because people near me hear me or feel my feelings. I can think sexual thoughts about a girl im with and she will get turned on. Or i can just radiate sexual thoughts. Unfortunely sometimes i cannot control my feelings and people know what mood i am in. Scared to go back to school where thinking is critical. I used to be afraid to think but now I'm pretty sure I have learned to think without people knowing. Maybe because I am a naturally calm person but sometimes I freak out thinking about TB then that's when bad thoughts start to happen. But as long as I have something to focus on/ do then I normally don't TB at least I don't think. I would love to talk to someone face to face and control this gift/curse. I recently watched x-men and think that I or we are somehow different and everything happens for a reason and we are given this gift/curse for a reason and it's up to us to do as we please with it. as for me I love science and experimenting and I want to master this curse but soon to be gift. Back to the x-men thing proffesor Xavier has telepathy so what if we are at the first step and maybe we can later on influence who we want, read other peoples minds, talk to who ever we want through telepathy, all through our will. just a thought, sounds crazy but anything can happen as us with TB already know. I'm a genuinely good person, not evil now that I know I TB or even before I knew that I just want to be more pure of heart because that's just apart of my personality and as a thought broadcaster It is my duty to try and feel good/ happy all the time for the sake of people in my bubble. I want them to feel good too. Though all my shallowness will go towards my relationship with women sorry but true

Reply author: aspierob
Replied on: 05/25/2012 02:31:39

The best thing you can do is learn to control your TB. I only TB when i want to and it comes in handy sometimes . Like when i am walking behind a slow person i can TB "speed up" and they do. Practice control and there is no limit as to what you can do. Unfortunately my meds dull my TB, so i can't use it as much as i want to .

there is a fine line between genius and insanity , if you can learn to walk the line , you can rule the world .unfortunately i keep falling into the insanity side

Reply author: Tavioh
Replied on: 06/24/2012 18:39:47

Originally posted by aspierob

The best thing you can do is learn to control your TB. I only TB when i want to and it comes in handy sometimes . Like when i am walking behind a slow person i can TB "speed up" and they do. Practice control and there is no limit as to what you can do. Unfortunately my meds dull my TB, so i can't use it as much as i want to .

there is a fine line between genius and insanity , if you can learn to walk the line , you can rule the world .unfortunately i keep falling into the insanity side

What medications are you on? I'm a the point where I need medication to control my TB, otherwise I will go out of control and have racing thoughts. How did you learn to control TB? Plese give me every detail. This is my one goal so my life can go back to normal and I can get my job back.

Reply author: aspierob
Replied on: 06/25/2012 00:20:35

I'm on Risperdal just concentrate real hard on what you want someone to do, and direct that thought to them . It takes a lot of practice and concentration

there is a fine line between genius and insanity , if you can learn to walk the line , you can rule the world .unfortunately i keep falling into the insanity side

Reply author: gabby the ninja
Replied on: 06/30/2012 15:03:39

just want to say thanks for that........ i myself am suffering from this
curse as i call it. And its nice to know there are others out there!

Reply author: russ1521
Replied on: 09/30/2012 13:26:05


Im also dealing with thought broadcasting, but its on a constant waking basis. and has been for the last 6 months and dont bother trying to tell me its not really happening as im sure you know. but It never stops until i go into the Now, and create what Eckhart Tolle calls no mind. then im at peace and can live life more freely knowing that i dont need to think as it were as thinking is only a small part of consciousness. Im wondering if this gift/curse is more of a spiritual thing on teaching us to calm our minds and stop the egos. i could be wrong but who knows???

Cool forum btw :D

Any thoughts?
Many Thanks

Reply author: ginala
Replied on: 03/07/2015 13:07:33

Hi! With me it's like this: Sometimes I sense people reading my mind. But, most of the time, I can read other people's minds. I know what they are thinking, and they are thinking all bad, evil stuff about me. Now, I'm aware that these are delusions. But, that doesn't stop the phenomenon of mind reading from occurring. I can't stop their thoughts from coming at me. I don't hear the thoughts audibly. I sense them. Like a sixth sense. I used to be diagnosed with schizoaffective. Now, my diagnosis is schizophrenia, residual type.

Reply author: nancyannee
Replied on: 03/13/2015 16:33:56

ginala, your response to this post compels me to reply.....

what we are all "hearing" are each others FEELINGS and EMOTIONS......NOT their THOUGHTS and WORDS.
The words come from within ourselves.

If the feelings we are receptive to are coming from a place of hurt and anger then we may feel FEAR, (usually where hurt and anger comes from in the first place) These are not our feelings but theirs, when you think you hear them say they hate you or other bad things, they are in reality saying these things to themselves!

When you are confident in yourself and your place in this life with no worries, expectations or disappointments, you allow yourself to see the whole picture.

That is my hope at any rate but when you add in all the hidden agendas, (political or personal) either one, it opens the doors for conflict and confusion. Which is where "they" want us.

The collective consciousness is fragmented from each other by half truths, flat out lies mixed with bits of reality, all designed to further these hidden agendas that are fueled by power and greed the whole world over.

Thoughts and Words have power but they do not have power OVER you unless you give that power away.

peace and blessings friend


and re

Living in the Moment
No worries
No expectations
No judgments

Reply author: warbird
Replied on: 02/04/2021 06:20:23

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